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Custom Shaped Business Cards

Shaped Business Cards

Stand out from the crowd with our creatively crafted Custom Shaped Business Cards.

Dare to be different with Colorprinter’s Custom Shaped Business Cards. As a brand that celebrates uniqueness and creativity, we understand that you need more than just a standard rectangle to tell your story. We offer you a blank canvas to express your brand’s identity in a shape that best represents it. With our state-of-the-art technology and meticulous craftsmanship, your unique shaped business cards will be the perfect balance of fun and professionalism.

A Gallery of Custom Shapes to Fit Your Unique Vision

Our gallery offers a multitude of business card shapes to cater to every niche. We can fashion your business card into a elegant custom shape. We can give your business card an elegant and personalized shape. Whether oval, triangular, circular or business cards with an absolutely customized shape, we can make it possible.

leaf shaped

Leaf shaped business cards

Perfect blend of nature and business, these cards capture attention with their unique, eco-friendly design.

house shaped

House shaped business cards

Ideal for real estate and home services, these cards effectively highlight your brand’s home-centric nature.


Car shaped business cards

Exceptional for auto industry professionals, these cards illustrate your business’s theme with a creative touch.

van shaped

Van shaped business cards

Perfect for delivery or transport services, these cards connect your brand’s identity with your services.

Egg shaped

Egg shaped business cards

Unique and noticeable, these cards are perfect for culinary, farm, or Easter-themed businesses.

Shirt shaped business cards

Shirt shaped business cards

Ideal for apparel and fashion industries, these cards effortlessly communicate your business niche.

Cookie shaped business cards

Cookie shaped business cards

Great for bakeries or dessert businesses, these cards resonate with your sweet offerings in a fun way.

Shoe shaped business cards

Shoe shaped business cards

Ideal for footwear brands and fashion retailers, these cards distinctively highlight your industry niche with style.

Coffee cup shaped business cards

Coffee cup shaped business cards

Perfect for cafes and coffee shops, these cards serve as a memorable reminder of your warm services.

Square shaped business cards provide a modern twist on the classic design, while die cut business cards with a custom shape truly set your brand apart. Even if you seek fun shaped, special shaped, or odd-shaped business cards, we at Colorprinter welcome your imagination.

If you’re ready to step beyond the boundaries of the conventional rectangle and bring your unique vision to life, explore our array of options and fill out the contact form today. Different shaped business cards aren’t just a novel idea; they’re a powerful way to make your brand unforgettable. With our Custom Shaped Business Cards, bring a new dimension to your branding – where creativity knows no bounds.

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Design Tips for Custom Shaped Business Cards

Define your brand identity: Choose a shape that resonates with your business. It should not only be visually appealing, but also meaningful, reflecting your brand’s core values and industry.

Keep it simple: Overcomplicating the design can distract from the vital information. Use simple, bold colors and fonts that stand out and are easy to read.

Quality matters: Opt for high-quality materials that give your card a premium feel. This ensures that your card is not only unique but also durable.

Make it functional: Consider a design that offers utility beyond just sharing contact details. For instance, a card that can double as a bookmark or a coaster is more likely to be kept and used.

Use both sides: Don’t forget to utilize the back of the card. This additional space can be used for branding elements, a tagline, or additional contact information.

Pros and Cons of Custom Shape

This type of business card is generally a good way to stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition, but it also comes with some difficulties. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages.


Stand out: Custom shaped business cards are an excellent way to differentiate your brand from the competition, making a memorable first impression.

Creativity: These cards allow you to showcase your brand’s unique personality and creativity, enhancing your brand image.

Relevance: Custom shapes can align closely with your brand or industry, making the cards more relevant and appealing to potential customers.


Cost: Custom shaped cards can be more expensive to produce than standard ones, due to the unique cutting and printing processes involved.

Size and Fit: Unusual shapes might not fit in standard business card holders or wallets, which could limit their usefulness or lead to them being discarded.

Overcomplication: There’s a risk of overcomplicating the design with too many elements, which can distract from the essential information.